14 February 2011

Bullet for My Valentine

So I'm not really a celebrator of Valentine's Day, but it is always a nice excuse for a post. This year, I've decided to give you a sprinkling of the kind and loving things that folks have said to me over the past few years.

And then there are my two all-time favorite comments, which are just too long to fit on a candy heart.
From a Gopher fan:

"It's too bad that women wanting to be treated like adults never have to act like adults. But I guess that's feminism in a nutshell for you. Rights without reason or responsibility."

From a Bemidji fan:
"I just wanted to rub your nose in what you defacated [sic] all week on your blog, like a dog."

Happy Valentine's Day, Comrades!


Biddco said...

Was the "Snake in the Grass" comment from a Sioux fan? haha

Anonymous said...

show us your tits