16 September 2010

1.21 Jigowatts

Greetings, comrades. I have traveled into the future; one hour, to be exact. I am somewhere in Pennsylvania, home the Ruiners of College Hockey. Whee!

I was hoping to have some posts while on vacation but I really don't. Driving through Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and now Pennsylvania has been uninspiring, to say the least. Sorry. 3 weeks and one day and we are in college hockey nirvana, so hold fast.


Bigmrg74 said...

Silly RWD. Polls Don't Matter!!! Especially not 3 weeks into the season.

vizoroo said...

If MacGregor Sharp gets a chance with the Ducks I will start reading the OC Register. That is a promise.

vizoroo said...

Jacky gets preseason POY honors. Where's the Headline?