07 September 2010


So, folks are trying to take a stab at predicting the WCHA standings. I like stabbing, so let's go!

Most "predictions" are "guesses," but not mine. I have awesome clairvoyant powers. Are you ready to be amazed? Well then.

I must have absolute silence.

1. tUMD
2. UND
3. St, Cloooud
4. Denver
5. Wisconsin
7. CC
8. UNO
9. Buttmidji
10. Michigan Tech
11. Mankato
12. UAA

And thus it was written!


Dirty said...

Haha! You're so delusional.

Fire Helmet Guy #26 said...

No kidding, Dirty! Donna, you honestly think the Bulldogs will finish in 1st? Did they pick up a decent goaltender in the off-season that fans are not aware of? If they had decent goaltending I could possibly see them taking 3rd behind UND and SCSU but no way do they finish 1st!

Dirty said...

That crappy goaltender is my goalie for the WCHA fantasy league. I am so hosed.

Eric J. Burton said...

Donna put down the pipe...

DC said...

The puck's never even going to be in the defensive end. All is well.