30 September 2010

My Guys!

So we only have 8 days until hockey begins! Isn't that amazing?!

Actually, it's not. Everyone else gets to play some ancient Canadian senior league team. We do not. Annoying.

But I've gotta pick my guys! They need to be prepared for next week!

Back for more:
1. Jack Connolly
2. Mike Seidel
3. Brady Lamb

Everyone gets renewed! Yeah!

And we've got some new guys!
4. Drew Olson
5. JT Brown

I think I've decided to throw my "no freshmen" rule out the window. Obviously. Since I've picked a freshman Guy three years in a row.

All right, Guys, you've got your assignments, now go out and kick some butts!


vizoroo said...

Amsoil arena doen't have any cachet. I suggest t Oil Can.

DC said...

Someone also suggested AA. "I'm going to AA!" So appropriate for our fan base.

vizoroo said...

Who picked Jason Zucker? First game hat trick in exhibition.

DC said...

Yeah, but what did he do in the second game?

He is on Team Cougar.

Biddco said...

I like tAms personally. It is short and quicker.

vizoroo said...

tMacGregor Sharp and Rob Bordson are now playing for the Syracuse Crunch. 75 years ago legendary DU coach Murray Armstrong played for the Crunch when they won their only League Championship. He is the last surviving member of that team. And he met his wife while playing there. tMacGregor Sharp and Bordson have a class act to follow.

Great article: