30 August 2010

Phun with Photoshop

I'm sorry, this isn't very nice, but this picture (from the official arena site) is really hilarious.

I'm not really sorry, though, because if I was sorry I wouldn't be making fun of it.

First of all, that's Al. Were there no photos of Kenny available? He has been in town for a few weeks. Just put the pads on for a few snaps with the camera. I am sure Larry R. would do it. This photo might be fake anyway, because there's no trace of another player. Or a puck. Hm. Plus a jumbotron would never have this kind of a view.

I really wish they could have put UMTC or something instead of Guest, just to make it more realistic. Assuming the Gophers will have a player who can put the puck in the net.

Hey, I know, I have rotten Photoshop skillz too, which is why I can say this. Hey, some of my best friends are terrible Photoshoppers!

Ah well, the real one will look... not like this, I hope. Especially the crazy metal plating on the background of the bottom part. Hmm. But we're going to FINALLY HAVE A JUMBOTRON, which is AWESOME. Now when I miss a goal or exciting play because I am not looking, I can also miss its replay.


Donald Dunlop said...

And "8:42"?


What were they thinking?

vizoroo said...

What's with the ads on the boards?

DC said...

The arena is AMSoil arena, so I would assume that name would be prevalent throughout the arena.

Anonymous said...

I think vizoroo might be asking about the ads behind the goal?

DC said...

Er... are you, Viz?