13 August 2010


Did you know you can "friend" AMSoil arena on Facebook? You should do it. I'm not sure what it has to say, but it is single, so if you know of any other arenas looking for a date, you could maybe pass along a phone number or arrange to all meet somewhere.

Ok, I guess you can't anymore, the FB page was deleted. How sad.


vizoroo said...

In my mind the name of the arena was Am Soil--which sounded kind of dirty. NowI know it is Ams Oil. Aren't you glad it isn't BP Oil?

vizoroo said...

Nice Words about Dylan Olsen from Team Canada's development camp.
Its on the video Making An Impression

USAFA Bulldog said...

No. **hate** is the better choice.

I will not **like** any use of the name **corporate sposor deleted**arena.

I'm probably doing to revert back to calling it the Duluth Arena.

amsoil arena said...

Thanks for letting everyone know but I will not date any arena with a big gold M in it or any one named Ralph otherwise I'm not too picky, kind of enjoying riding solo.