24 June 2009

One Hundred Days of Solitude

Many years later, as she faced the firing squad, RWD was to remember that distant afternoon when her father took her to discover ice hockey.

It is way, way too hot here. I need hockey.

And we've still got 100 days to go.

I am trying, and I mean really trying, to find enough to say to keep RWD humming throughout the off-season. I can't promise, as I had a car that I tried to keep humming and it died when I was driving back to Illinois after UMD clinched 2nd place in the WCHA in 2004 (as if I needed to clarify the year). Anyway, it's extra-challenging when it is so hot out it feels as though my brain is being boiled. You don't even know what kind of twisted ideas I have for this site that never see the light of a computer monitor. You're already fairly familiar with the low-caliber crap generally posted here. Now realize I have written things worse than that. I know, it feels like a shadow just passed over your soul.

I promise you I have some ideas. None of them are news-worthy or particularly insightful to next year's team, but there is no red telephone on my desk wired directly to Coach Sandelin's office, so I'm at a bit of a disadvantage on trying to break any stories. Pretty much all summer is going to be Fun 'N' Games. We can all at least pretend to be on summer vacation, and this will be a nice break from the normal heavy-hitting journalism on here.

Somehow, someway, we'll make it through these sweltering weeks together. Before you know it, we'll be pulling out our jerseys, mittens, and snow tires. Keep checking the countdown at the bottom of the page and keep the faith!


Goon said...

Hey Donna summer just started and now I find out there are like 100 days left before I watch hockey. Yikes, it just got warm. :)

vizoroo said...

Don't sign off until after the NHL draft. tUMD's Dylan Olsen should be drafted.

{-: And speaking of HOT :-} (tfuture Mrs. Wrenn)
Does this mean William Wrenn is a shoo in for the 2010 WCHA Hottie List?

Goon said...

Dylan Olsen is going to be a good player I got to see him play in Fargo during the U-18 tourney.