29 June 2009

And In This Corner...

Warning: not safe for losers who don't like fighting in hockey.

Why hello there, Drew Olson.

I love you already.

(Thanks to Richie for posting this on tPB!)


dogs2012 said...

No problem RWD!


Anonymous said...

heard Eaves has pushed another player to leave. This time it is an NHL draft pick with Minnesota roots. Can the Dogs get this one? What's with Wisconsin's over-recruitment? Last year DU got Weircoch who will get their lastest player pushed to leave?

DC said...

Not surprising that Eaves pushed another player... oh, to leave. Wisconsin was one of the frontrunners in signing guys who were 15 or 16, and they are finding that was a poor idea.
It will be interesting to see if UMD will try.