12 September 2007


September 2, 2004. A date that will die in obscurity.

As always, I totally forgot to mark the RWD Dogiversary. 3 freaking years, people, can you stand it? And still, no one reads this thing.

This is my fourth season of covering the Bulldogs. When I first started the site, optimism abounded among the Bulldog faithful. We had a veteran squad that had been in the Frozen Four five months prior. We had a very hott captain. I thought I was going to attend a lot of Bulldogs games*. And I had just discovered a freshman named Mike Curry.

Now he's a senior! WTC am I going to do next year???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

We've got a lot of juniors this year, but they aren't particularly playoff-tested. Our assistant captain looks like a serial killer. I'll probably only make a few games this year. And yet, there's always optimism at the start of the season. Just look at Donald, even The Grinch can be optimistic about his Seawolves. I'm ready for the season to start, and I'm ready to see hella wins this year. LET'S GO 'DOGS!!!!!!!!!



Donald Dunlop said...

Ahhh ... being referred to in RWD ...

"And what happened then ...?
Well...in Who-ville they say
That the Grinch's small heart
Grew three sizes that day!"

I love carving the Roast Beast ...

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogaversary, RWtD!

Let's celebrate at the Ralph this season! :)

Roy said...

Congratulations, RWD!