24 August 2006

Wild About WPB

I just added a new link to the ol' sidebar, to Roy's Wild Puck Banter. That's Discussion of the Pro Hockey Team from Minnesota, not Erratic Jabbering About Hockey (hello! That's Runninwiththedogs' niche, comrades!)

The great thing about Roy is he is ALWAYS up on the latest La P sightings, so I have bestowed upon him the (dubious?) title of Head La P Watchdog. Clearly I can't be trusted to monitor La P's comings and goings, as I TOTALLY WAS SLEEPING WHILE LA P WAS DOING TWINS PLAY BY PLAY. I ALMOST HAD A STROKE UPON FINDING OUT.

There isn't a FireAnthonyLaPanta site yet, but I always enjoy the fine fellows at FireJoeMorgan. And I busted a gut upon learning of their sister site.

And, as always, I TOTALLY enjoy it when people's Google searches for La P lead them here. And this thread is great!

Sorry, Roy, didn't mean to make this into a La P-dominated post.


Eric J. Burton said...

I thought that Lapanta did a good job in the announcer booth for the twins this past week.

DC said...

CURRENTLY LaP is pissing me off. He is Mr. WORST CASE SCENARIO. "Well, if this guy gets on, then this guy gets a hit, then ten errors are made... and the Twins lose."

And now the Twins just won.

Eric J. Burton said...

Two in a row over the Sox.
I am feeling a Twins playoff run.
One bad note it appears that Brad Radke is running out of gas and may not be able to finish the season.

USAFA Bulldog said...

Always glad to help. I'm kind of pissed at myself. I'd rather have this years throwback.

Some time this season you should pick up a media guide. So many stats and such, plus it lists what player wore what numbers.

I can't remember what years they wore those, but a couple of players during the Hull years, I included the years they worse those numbers

1983-87: #20 Skeeter Moore - Quick player , I loved the "leave Skeeter alone chants"
1982-85#14 Bill Watson (Won the Hobey)
1983-85#1 Rick Kosti - Great goalie

USAFA Bulldog said...

Those three guys I posted definitely played with Hull. The throwbacks that people are ordering I just can't remember what years they wore them.

USAFA Bulldog said...

Yep Maciver wsa a great one. He wore #5 from '82 to '86. Another one of my favorites from that time was #4 Guy Gosselin from '82-'87.