10 August 2006


Do you think La P really talks like that? I mean, if I met him in person, would he talk like he isn't moving his tongue at all?

I will concede being a puffy old windbag ain't easy. But is it necessary?

Sigh. I miss hockey.


Donald Dunlop said...

I was going to save this link for some future use regarding SCSU (I hadn't decided how yet) but I'm going to pass on that because you really need to see some early "La P" hockey footage.

He's come a long way.


DC said...

Is that really La P? Dear god. LOL.

Otherwise, LOL.

Donald Dunlop said...

I gueth that's the reason he thtopped moving his tongue when he talkth.

Honestly ... I don't know who it is but look for it sometime in the future on DU's Blog. I was thinking it was a guy that used to do SCSU radio.

It's stunningly funny.

DC said...

I wish it was La P.