13 July 2006

Evan Sasquatch

Okay, I would like to know just who said it was okay to look like this. Remember when you looked like this, and you won All-Hottie First Team Honors? NO ONE SAID YOU COULD HAVE A HOCKEY MULLET. Sheesh.

Meanwhile, being de topscoorder van de Nederlandse competitie has been kind to TJ, taking him from this to this.



dggoddard said...

UMD always leads the WCHA in mullets...

DC said...

HAH are you drunk? You know it's St. Cloud! Plus, he didn't have a mullet AT UMD.

I'm sure you have a mullet.

USAFA Bulldog said...

Yea for TJ. Too bad he had such a short UMD career. I'll always remember him though for getting the GWG in the cities against the Goofs.

Mullets blow. And you are correct SCSU leads the nation in that category. Nothing more needs to be said.