09 July 2006

More Whining

So, I was working on the Top Secret Off-Season Project (TSO-SP) last night, and I realized HOLY CRAP DO I MISS HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!


Eric J. Burton said...

No kidding, my golf game is in the crapper and I am ready for hockey and Ducktober.

DC said...

Ducktober is always good, since it contains my birthday.

Badger Backer said...

To be fair, I definitely do like waking up in the morning, walking outside in a t-shirt, and not freezing my ass off.

In hockey season, you can't really do that.

Eric J. Burton said...

I don't know I like it 80 degrees and dry not this crap we are having here in the north country right now. Its just too darn hot, its almost as hot or if not hotter than the south right now.

The dry weather is going to make Ducktober really poor if it doesn't rain pretty soon.