08 April 2011

There and Back Again: A Bulldog's Tale

Centuries ago, Confucius said that the journey of a 11,451 miles begins with a single skate stride.

And so we went from Duluth to Sault Ste. Marie to Marquette to Duluth to Bemidji to Duluth to Grand Forks to Duluth to Madison to Duluth to Schenectady to Duluth to Houghton to Duluth to Mankato to Duluth to Colorado Springs to Duluth to Saint Paul to Duluth to Bridgeport to Duluth and then finally back to Saint Paul, and though there were pit stops and roadblocks and potholes and speedtraps and breakdowns along the way, we are all here, safe and sound and we have arrived at the destination of this team's destiny.

And now it's your turn, Bulldogs fans. Tickets are cheap for such a priceless occasion. However many miles it may be, find a way to make that first step.

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