05 April 2011

Racist Mascots, Part Deux

Really? Are we back here again, in this day and age? tUMD has already defeated one racist (and sexist) mascotted team, and now we're facing another one, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Okay. So let's break this down. First of all, NOTRE DAME is in French. It means Our Lady. This is not a lady, this is a leprechaun. Which isn't even a real thing. And it's an ugly balding leprechaun with a pointy head. It would have been nice, if Notre Dame was planning to use a human being as a mascot, if they had considered the viewing public. A better option for the Notre Dame mascot would be the following image:


Anyway, Notre Dame has created this cariacature of what an Irish person must be like: short, mythical, with bad hair and a bad attitude. The school's mascot stereotypes Irish people as violent and belligerent. Why not just put a stein of green beer in the mascots hand to complete the offensive picture.

I have no doubt that, once the NCAA summarily dispatches the little uprising to the west, they will focus their efforts on these oppressors in South Bend, and they will be forced to change their mascot. I submit my proposal:


ron juan said...

I love me some Wild Turkey.

Anonymous said...

your attempt at humor leaves much to be desired... your team's hair color on the hand, that sh*t is crazy funny.

Kyrie said...

Good stuff. Although I am gonna have a hard time with this one. Two former RoughRiders for the Dogs and three for the ladies.

vizoroo said...

Nice interview with Sandelin on the Pipeline show at the 35 min. maek of hour 2 (4/5/11)http://www.theteam1260.com/Episodes.aspx?PID=1748