10 April 2011

Lovely Day

This was the greatest day of my life.

I can't do it justice tonight. But please know that I am so happy that I did not bleach and subsequently ruin my hair for nothing. And I cried when we won. And I cried about 10 other times.

Max Tardy, I am sorry I doubted you. I am so, so, so excited that you scored your first career goal in the biggest game in program history.

This is unbelievable. And it's TRUE. It's REAL. And IT FINALLY HAPPENED.


vizoroo said...

Great Day for Bulldogs!

du78 said...

Congrats to the Dogs and welcome to the club!!!!

mexico said...

Wow dude! When did you bleach your hair?

Millsy said...

Congrats from a BSU Fan!

Unknown said...

Congrats Dogs fans! As a Sioux fan I obviously wish UND had made it to the championship game but I always root for Duluth if they're not playing a handful of other teams of whom I'm a fan.

This was a no-brainer since I really didn't want to see Michigan get #10 but even without that being the case I thoroughly enjoyed this awesome game and loved seeing UMD get it's first national championship.

Congrats on a great season. I envy your current position of being able to enjoy the great feeling that comes with winning the big one. Enjoy and we'll see y'all on the ice next year.

Anonymous said...

I cried, too, Running! Glad you are so happy!
I do have a new appreciation for Sioux fans than before. Not only did they cheer for us, but they gave us two FREE tickets to the Saturday night game so my whole family could go! They were much less obnoxious than I remember them.
Even the Gopher fans were cheering for us, and I'm not sure I'm that big of a person!
Have a great off season!
Beer Between Periods

Anonymous said...

From a lifelong Wisconsin Badger fan and UMD grad, congrats to the Bulldogs and their fans everywhere. I was pulling for them badly. Perfect game, perfect ending for the first UMD title. Lots of people say they wished they would've been at the game. I was wishing I could've been in Duluth for the game. Such a cool city; I'm sure mayhem ensued and great times were had by all.
Cheers all!