05 November 2010


tUMD 2, Ref Whiners 4

The only things certain in life are:

1. Death

2. Taxes

3. Moronic North Dakota fans (oops, that's redundant) whining about the refs.

I told all you Sioux Sandbaggers so! You (Geist, MNS, Brianvf, Dirty) wept and rent your garments over the horrible plight of your team. Guys? Save the sandbagging for the next flood, ok?

Numbers tomorrow. Me tired.


Tom said...

well, the sugar beet harvest is over, must mean its time to start sandbagging, drinking and wishing we had some trees, predicting Duluth wins by at least 20 tonight,

Ticklethetwine said...

Are you for real. Ref whiners. Boy talk about some great journalism. Wow. Do you get paid for this stuff. The Sioux basically shut your so called top line down. Won every battle and delivered what will be 1 of many losses. I am still trying to figure out why you are ranked 2 in the country.
Not for long.

Ticklethetwine said...

Oh I am sorry it was just explained to me that you are in loser denial. Carry on then.

DC said...

Tom, don't be silly! The drinking is year-round.

Ticklethetwine, I'm sorry for all your struggles. But it's great that they allow you to use the Internet at your group home. I hope you don't drool on the keyboard though!

Brandon said...

when did we whine about the refs, homey? Unless Ciskie suddenly became a Sioux fan? Cause he was whining non-stop about a penalty that was legit and even if it hadn't been called, wouldn't have guaranteed your squad a win last night.

Duluth wins by 10 tonight

DC said...

Read my USCHO post where I quoted all the UND whiners. Or just read Goon's blog and Twitter feed.

One UMD fan complaining about the refs (Ciskie) and hordes of UND fans whining. It doesn't even compare.

For a team with such a winning history, so many of your fans are not able to win with class or dignity.