21 July 2010


So the best part about the Wild's development camp?

quoted in a feature article for Wild.com. (Sorry Uncle Les, I can't make the gold text any darker, I've tried!)

Many fans were talking about the college free agents, including quite a few University of Minnesota-Duluth fans, like Donna Carpenter of St. Paul, who says that the Wild "should sign Justin Fontaine, but NOT until after April,” she demanded, insinuating that she predicts a Bulldog appearance at Xcel Energy Center in April. “Make sure they understand that. After April!"

(Just ignore the part about me living in St. Paul, because I don't.) I'm so bossy!!!!!! Even though that's not a direct quotation. I think I said "In April" about 100 times. I don't want to jinx anything. I also mentioned the drafting of Son of Mikko, but they used "Mini-Mikko" instead.

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