26 February 2010

Just a Thought

Hey guys.

I know this losing streak makes us the laughingstock of the league right now, but string some wins together starting tomorrow night, and it won't matter that the referee threw a pick on Huttel, or Jacob Cepis stuck his leg in Hjelle's way when he was trying to make a save on the 3rd goal, or that Don Lucia doesn't know a one-handed shove from a body check. It won't matter that people have taken ill-advised penalties or shot directly into the chest of a defenceman or fanned on open nets. Winning hides a multitude of sins.

By the way: killing that 5 minute penalty was glorious. OUTSTANDING job.


Eddie O said...

Sorry, Lamb's hit was clearly checking from behind and should have been a DQ in addition to the 5 minute major. Doesn't matter how he did it. What matters is that he clearly drove Schroeder into the boards FROM BEHIND. A very dangerous play. You are engaging in nearly the same sort of thing you accused Goon of doing. As long as it's your guy delivering the illegal hit it's ok? Doesn't fly.

Same for Cepis goal. The puck was loose and Cepis has every right to be where he was to play the puck. The notion you advance that he somehow stuck his leg out to prevent Hjelle from making the save is a real reach. There was a battle going on for the puck and several players in a very small space trying to get the puck. Cepis won the battle. Nice goal. Nice try.

Huttel never had a chance to get to Fairchild on that goal. Maybe if Huttel would skate with his head up he might have avoided running into the ref. No matter, he was never going to get close to Fairchild anyway.

Nice fans. Real classy reaction though. Throwing garbage on the ice. Isn't that a St. Cloud thing?

Runninwiththedogs said...

Eddie O's comment is a great shining beacon of wrongness. Let us all bask in its glow.

Donald Dunlop said...

Ahhh ... the "classy" argument raises it's head once again. Very nice. Because hockey and it's culture are exactly the image that comes to my mind whenever I hear the word "classy".

I know Donna loves it too.

Anonymous said...

I love Donna's hat.