30 July 2009


Just a few little RWD notes on the sidebar to the left.

1. PB&HjT info will be posted, as it comes available, in its own little section. It will also be on Facebook, but if you're not a Facebooker it's a way to get the new info as it comes along.

2. I'm on Twitter now. It's gross and childish, but I promise you it is not going to be a rundown of my life. During the season, I'll be able to post snippets of news and also game information.

3. I updated the links to delete some dormant ones and to update some new ones.

4. I have typhoid, but shot a buffalo, rested three days at Soda Springs, and traded 2 sets of clothing for 1 wagon tongue, so I'm doing ok.

1 comment:

vizoroo said...

RWD, Have you considered counseling since you regressed to typhoid, buffalo, and wagon tongues?
It may be time, my friend, it may be time.