31 January 2009

Plan B From Outer Space

tUMD 1, Thugs4Life 0

Dear Tom Gorowsky,

Just a thought? You might have a better chance of hitting the net.

Good teams find ways to win games. Even games where they do not play in a supercalifragilisticexpeealidocious manner. This was a tough series and UW is always a difficult team to play against. I think the guys tend to struggle when teams play a style of hockey that really shuts our game plans down. I mean, I guess probably every team has that problem, but really, you've either got to A. Not let the other team interfere with your way of playing or B. Have a plan B. A team can get away with the former against some opponents, but with Wisconsin, a Plan B was necessary. I'm not QUITE sure what the plan B was. It was not the plan B I suggested earlier, but a win's a win. And hey, look, once plan B took effect, they could start implementing plan A as well and get back on track. I would have liked some additional goals, maybe one on the power play or something, but hey, any game in which the Bulldogs take ONLY TWO PENALTIES is a game of which I am in favor. Sweetness.

Now, see? It's not as funny when we win. But this week should have a bunch of fun stuff, so please turn off all electronic devices and restore your tray tables and seat backs to the upright position.

The Numbers
Wins until we equal last season's total: 1! (Perfect setup for next weekend!)
Points until we equal last season's total: 2! (Thanks guys!!!! Way to go!!!!)

My Guys
MacGregor Sharp: 26
Jack Connolly: 22! (Now the leading scorer in his family!)
Michael Gergen: 11
Rob Bordson: 0


Jack Connolly: 22! (It's gonna be a close one for the freshman scoring title!)
Mike Connolly: 22
Scott Kishel: 2
Brady Lamb: 1
Travis Oleksuk: 1
David Grun: 0

On Notice (no one added or deleted tonight... is that good or bad?)
Rob Bordson
Cody Danberg
Alex Stalock

Goals Only
Drew Akins
Jay Cascalenda
Nick Kemp
Evan Oberg
Trent Palm
Kyle Schmidt


Anonymous said...

How is Stalock on notice after a 33 save shutout? Sure he has his puck-handling issues, but he saved our bacon Saturday night, and kept us in a game in which we were badly outplayed on Friday night.

MeanEgirl said...

He's on notice because he hasn't had any points in a long time! He's a forward stuck in the goalie position.

But I think a shutout does warrant taking him off of the "On Notice" thinger...

Thanks for my fantasy points, Stalock. :)

Sweet word verification: plobstan

DC said...

He hasn't had a point all year! Other goalies don't get On Notice but Al has to suffer the humiliation because of his offensive tendencies, which get him in trouble in other ways.

Word verification: redardr. LMFAO.

Anonymous said...

Oh, is that how it works. Well, I hope he stays on notice then. The idea of Al playing the puck straight up the middle, late in the game, with tDogs up by one...scary. (Unless Gorowsky is the one in position to intercept)

WV: Scaph ?

DC said...

My sources say he would not do it unless we were up by 2.

Now the WV is Stuctu. Have you gotten a job on 24?

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to reading your blog. Your humor is great, and your usage of words is very fitting! You have knowledge of the game and no sugar coating. You and Ciskie should be doing the games on the radio!!

Thanks for the entertainment, have a great week!

DC said...

I am a censor's nightmare.

But, I did beg Bruce for his entire tenure with tDogs to make me a guest between periods to no avail. So I certainly have tried.