10 December 2008

Number Munchers

It kind of took me awhile to get going because while searching for images for this post, I discovered I can actually play Number Munchers online and got all excited and sidetracked. I haven't played this game in over 15 years but it is still just as fabulous as always. And there are way more levels than Cedar Manor Elementary's computers had.

It's what... almost halfway through the season? And wow. Just wow. Look at all the scoring! It's insane! 7 goals? To quote Kevin Pates, "CRAZY." (emphasis mine.)

Just how wacky and wild is this scoring? FIRST OF ALL, in all of last year, tDogs scored 74 goals. This year through 16 games, tDogs have scored 51. That means they are 18.1 goals ahead of last year's pace. SWEET. Last year's total power play goals? 18. This year? 24. Yeah, I did a freaking double take at that number.

Let's look at how some of the guys are faring individually.
(Formatting is LYgoals+LYassist/LY points, TYgoals+TYassists/TY points, point differential [+ or -], points per game differential [+ or -]. You know I love to make these stats posts all pretty and colorful! If this is hard for you to understand, well, I'm sorry, but that's not my problem.)

Guys who have improved from last season already:

Sharp, MacGregor: 7+10/17, 8+10/18, 1, 0.65
Meyers, Josh: 6+8/14, 6+9/15, 1, 0.55
Fulton, Jordan: 5+9/14, 7+1/8, 6, 0.14
Gergen, Michael: 6+7/13, 3+4/7, 6, 0.07
Fontaine, Justin: 4+8/12, 8+13/21, 9, 0.97
Akins, Drew: 3+6/9, 3+3/6, 3, 0.09
Danberg, Cody: 4+3/7, 0+2/2, 5, 0.01
Oberg, Evan: 1+2/3, 3+9/12, 9, 0.63
Cascalenda, Jay: 0+2/2, 0+1/1, 1, 0.01
Montgomery, Mike: 0+1, 0+3/3, 2, 0.09

Guys who are about to go on a tear and catch up to last year's numbers any game now:

Kemp, Nick: 7+8/15, 3+3/6, 9, 0.04
Carroll, Andrew: 8+6/14, 1+4/5, 9, 0.1
Palm, Trent: 2+8/10, 0+3/3, 7, 0.04
Schmidt, Kyle: 2+6/8, 2+0/2, 6, 0.12
Greer, Matt: 2+5/7, 1+0/1, 6, 0.12
Bordson, Rob: 1+6/7, 0+0/0, 7, 0.26
Huttel, Chad: 1+1/2, 0+1/1, 1, 0.01


USAFA Bulldog said...

Ha, Number Munchers rocks. I have to remember to check that out once I get home. Takes me back to the day when you just pick up a video game and play, nice and simple.

LetsGoMavs said...

Word munchers was SO much better. Numbers suck, math sucks...and all the numbers in this post suck. My head hurts now!! :)

LetsGoMavs said...

Also...it's only the geeks playing number munchers...all the cool kids were playing oregon trail on the Apple II computers with the green glowing screens!

DC said...

That link to Number Munchers also has a link to Oregon Trail. Bethlyn, Jacky, Dirty, Kinner and I made it!

Anonymous said...


Donald Dunlop said...

So many dorks ... so little time.