16 July 2007

Vintage RWD

You may have forgotten that RWD exists. You may have forgotten the laughter, the tears, the unchecked rage. But, because I am not above the cheesy "clip show" style post, here are

The Top Ten RWD Posts Of All Time Until Better Ones Come Along

10. UMD Announces New Assistant Coach
9. No Joy in Mudville
8. The Gauntlet: Public Servant Edition
7. Diamonds and Pucks
6. The Teddy Bear Affair
5. 100 Years Behind the Mask
4. When You Say Wisconsin, You've Said Too Much
3. The Gauntlet: Denver Edition
2. Save the Children
1. Fearing the Reaper

You know you love it.


Eric J. Burton said...

So is the is the HotStove League of Blog Aritcles?

We need a roundtable blog article again.

Donald Dunlop said...

While some bloggers (ahem .. rwd) look at the past others (ahem .. me) are in the future!

Get on that roundtable thing. k?

Eric J. Burton said...

Donald that might be a good idea.
I will have to get on it...

DC said...

The gauntlet has been laid... and the Goon has taken it up!