15 December 2010


Hey guys! Guess what! Dylan Olsen made Team Canada's WJC Roster!!! He'll be #4 and we'll see who he's paired with.

You've gotta watch
this video, too. It's so darn cute. They've got several of the players after they just woke up and found out the news that they made the roster. Dylan and his roomie Brett Connolly are on there. Brett has some hair on him, that's for sure. Dylan has his sweatshirt on inside out and backward. Jaden Schwartz answers the door with no shirt on and says he's going to go call his sister Mandi.

Congratulations Dylan (and Jaden) and make the NCAA proud!!!! Can't wait to see you guys with your silver medals!

Now we'll see if Justin Faulk will make Team USA's roster!


Myteamisbetterthenyours said...

How ironic. Didn't think you would not see him again in a UMD uni did you? Sorry I think your a hack journalist but your team is at best a bubble team.

DC said...

Oh honey, you need to think before you post.

1. I'm a journalist? Since when?
2. It's "than," not "then."
3. It's "you're," not "your."
4. This is not irony. Look up the definition.

Have a nice day!