01 April 2010

The All-WCHA Hottie April Fools Team

Okay, folks! It's time! The All-WCHA Hottie Teams! APRIL FOOLS! Of course, people. Of course.

First Team
F Josh Lunden, UAA
F Rhett Rakhshani, DU
F John Kivisto, MTU
D Kevin Wehrs, UMTC
D Kurt Davis, MSUM
G Jon Olthius, UAA

Second Team
F Nate Dewhurst, DU
F Stephen Schultz, CC
F Jay Barriball, UMTC
D Chris Hepp, SCSU
D Sam Zabkowicz, SCSU
G Alex Kangas, UMTC

Third Team
F Brian McMillin, CC
F Ryan Lasch, SCSU
F Patrick Johnson, UW
D Steven Seigo, MTU
D Craig Gaudet, SCSU
G Mike Lee, SCSU

Coach Hottie of the Year: Troy Jutting, MSUM


Donald Dunlop said...

Why do you hate UND?

Anonymous said...

This is a joke, right....Jay Bariball, Troy Jutting...? You better get your glasses checked.....wow!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rakhshani...You gotta be kidding me. And only ignorance would leave Chris VandeVelde off.

Fire Helmet Guy #26 said...

Look at the date, I'm pretty sure this whole list is a joke!....or I would hope.

DC said...


FHG, have I ever told you how smart you are?

Fire Helmet Guy #26 said...

No, actually you haven't.....because rarely do I have a smart moment! :D

vizoroo said...

Thank you FHG!

I thought RWD had a psychotic break when I saw Rakhshani's name as First Team. OMG! That almost caused a "cardiac event" on my part.

Eric J. Burton said...

Well at least you put Chris "the porn industry called and they want their mustache back” Hepp. 

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