25 February 2008

Zero Points

Well, the only time "zero points" is good is when we're talking about mortgages. And I'm not giving you that, biotches. There are NO numbers to update (other than putting people On Notice, and why humiliate them more?)

Instead, I give you the latest Doublemint print ad, shot in St. Cloud on Saturday night.


Donald Dunlop said...

I wasn't sure what to comment here but I really wanted to. There's no "negative assertions" for me to glom onto and try to be witty about. Then I noticed the word verification:


LOL. Yeah it's missing an O and an R in the middle and has a superfluous C before the Y but other than that ... ya know?

Eric J. Burton said...

Holy Cow! Where is UMD jersey?

MeanEgirl said...

Oh man... those pictures make me so hot.

DC said...

Donald, don't like. You know this is like your dream come true.

I enjoyed being a decoy.