07 February 2008

The Grim

It's disturbing how much I actually look like Professor Trelawny, but let's hope that my predictions for this week's games actually come true. Or, at the very least, they horribly offend someone.


LetsGoMavs said...

Love the Brady Bunch references on the SCSU predictions!!

Thanks for not picking the Mavs to sweep. That's like the kiss of death. Now if only stupid Goon would have listened to me!

Kris said...

Hey read the predictions on USCHO. I am a UAA fan/student. Sorry we lost and didn't get your prediction correct; I would have loved a three point weekend.

The point of my comment is that I am also sick of the 'they are better than their record' CRAP!!! That is what that is. I don't understand people who talk about how well they did in a loss. You freaking lost you didn't win. The point of the game is not to play hard or get scoring chances, it is to win. For some reason people don't understand that you are only as good as the games you win. I don't care how you win or lose, as long as it is within the rules and not cheap, as long as you win. Well no more ranting but I thought from your comment you might agree.

By the way, Go Wild!!! I read the wildpuckbanter blog and know that you are a guest writer person who is not so much of a guest, I guess.