09 January 2007

Happy Birthday, Eh?

Dear Logan Gorsalitz,

Happy Birthday! I hear it's your 21st, which is probably the last exciting birthday you'll have. Seriously, kid, it's all downhill from here. Just be careful who you're doing body shots off of.


P.S. Did you know your dad promised to give you his car for your birthday?


Stafford T said...

Only when I'm dead and gone rwd, only when I'm dead and gone!

DC said...

Well, that's not long to wait, old man.

LetsGoMavs said...

I'm going to Duluth on Thursday for work...the place I'm going is right by campus. Maybe I should stop and vote for this guy and buy him a beer (something like Schell's...since it's brewed by Mankato..not that Canadian stuff). Perhaps a vote and a beer will make up for the "hot or not" deal?!?

DC said...

You should definitely vote... and let him do a body shot off you.

USAFA Bulldog said...

I didn't realize you are in Denver. Has it been for long? Denver is "my second home", as I lived there for around four years or so. Have fun, I miss it there sometimes. Especially the DU, CC, and Air Force hockey games (the Air Force football games I miss a ton).

I'm guessing I won't be out there for hockey season, since my wife can only take time off in 1) summer or 2) December. With the holidays in December we probably won't go out to Colorado. Who knows maybe we'll go out to my relatives one year for Christmas or New Years.

DC said...

But I don't live in Denver. I'm just going there for the 'Dogs games, and you should too.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome, Logan is 21. The best part is if the team can find a way to sweep, or maybe play tuff in both games and win on Saturday they might be able to go out for a bit. I am buying Logan like 16 shots and then sending him to his parents room to puke. YES. '


DC said...

NSSHG - When we go to Denver, you mean? That would be hilarious. Pump him full of tequila.

Of course, if you are going to buy Momma Booster a bunch of shots too, they might be fighting over the bathroom.