17 June 2006

Go Daddy-o

So, no one got my Anthony Grieco/Richard Grieco joke. That's fine. We shall move on. I thought it was funny, but there's no accounting for taste.

Tomorrow (or, to be more precise, one hour and one minute from the time I am typing this exact sentence) is Father's Day. I know that I just got all sentimental not three weeks ago, but no one asked me when to schedule Father's Day. If someone had asked, I would have requested it not be so close to DA's birthday. Really, it's not normal for me, and it's probably making the rest of you uncomfortable. Fear not, because there's a really sour, bitter, acrid post coming right up. In the meantime, find a leather strap to bite on or something, because here we go.

Tomorrow (as I already said) is Father's Day. Lucky girl that I am, I have a father (DA), a grandfather (Gramps), a brother (UMDDogz), two uncles (H and L), and a partner (The Alleged Webmaster), who are all 'Dogs fans, and who are all great men, fathers or not. A stick salute to all of you for being such an awesome family.

Happy Father's Day, too, to all my hockey blogger friends who are fathers (Bruce, DTP, Satnu, and anyone else who has kids but didn't make it known.) I owe you all a beer.

There, that wasn't so bad now, was it? I promise I'll get back to our regularly scheduled sarcasm very soon.


MeanEgirl said...

Oh man, RWD... I am SO GLAD I read your blog when I did... I COMPLETELY forgot that today's Father's Day. I just don't keep track of the days anymore.

Anyway, thanks for saving my ass and whatnot.

USAFA Bulldog said...

Thanks for the invite for the 4 on 4. It sounds like fun, but unfortunately I can't make it. My wedding (July 1st) and honeymoon kind of takes priority. I'm completely obsessed about hockey, but I think going to the 4 on 4 would be crossing the line and my fiance wouldn't forgive me. The 4 on 4 sounds fun though.