14 November 2005

A Few Minutes With...

On the recent road trip, the crack reporting team here at RWD managed to get in a few interviews.

First off, in the Radisson hotel, we encountered one dapperly dressed Dave Hakstol, checking out of the hotel or something. No words passed between us, but I could tell he knew I was there. While I was thinking "Wow, it's Dave Hakstol," he was thinking "Wow, it's RunninwiththeDogs."

Then I saw Ratislav Spirko, and while I know it's considered consorting with the enemy and I feel cheap and dirty about it, I think he is just so cute I want to fold him up in my pocket and take him home with me. He was pretty excited, too, I could tell by the way he turned his back to me and pretended not to notice at all.

At the game, I had a sit-down with Todd Anderson, Zebra Extraordinaire. It was a sit-down in the sense that I was sitting, although he was standing on the ice. Here is the interview.

Anderson calls yet another penalty on the 'Dogs.

RWD: Hey Anderson, just how badly do you want the Sioux to win??

Anderson: ...

Excuse me, the phone is ringing. It's FSN, calling to offer me a reporting job.

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