22 January 2005

Reading Between The Lines

Here's the scoring summary from College Hockey Stats, but you won't really understand the game without my expert analysis. This game was special and magical.
1st Period (20:00)
CC-1 Brett Sterling (2-Interference) MND 1x1 1:26

MND 1-0 6x5 PP Evan Schwabe (14) (Tim Hambly, Tim Stapleton) 2:08
*Yes, that's right folks, Evan Schwabe scores ANOTHER goal within 2 minutes of the game's start. AND the 'Dogs get ANOTHER power play tally.

MND-1 Evan Schwabe (2-Boarding) CC 1x1 12:08
*Evan Schwabe gets called for boarding? He's like 160 lbs, soaking wet!
CC 1-1 6x5 PP Jack Hillen (2) (Curtis McElhinney) 14:02
*Note, the goaltender gets an assist.

CC-2 Jimmy Kilpatrick (2-Obstruction Hooking) MND 1x2 15:51
MND-2 Bryan McGregor (2-Unsportsmanlike Conduct) 16:13
CC-3 Weston Tardy (2-Unsportsmanlike Conduct) 16:13

2nd Period (20:00)
MND-3 Justin Williams (2-Slashing) CC 1x2 0:14
MND-4 Brett Hammond (2-Obstruction Hooking) 5:50
CC-4 James Brannigan (2-Diving) 5:50
CC 2-1 6x6 Brett Sterling (20) (Jimmy Kilpatrick, Marty Sertich) 8:45

MND-5 Todd Smith (2-Elbowing) CC 2x3 9:27
CC 3-1 6x5 PP Joey Crabb (10) (Marty Sertich, Aaron Slattengren) 10:19
*Here's where most folks left the 'Dogs for dead. But not me!
MND 2-3 6x6 Josh Miskovich (4) (Justin Williams, Tim Stapleton) 11:54

MND-6 Luke Stauffacher (2-Holding) CC 2x4 12:33
MND 3-3 6x6 GT Travis Gawryletz (2) (Brett Hammond, Josh Johnson) 14:58

*This, ladies and gentlemen, I will call one of my top ten moments of the season. After being on the ice for the entire penalty kill, plus 0:25 after Stauffacher got back on the ice, Hammond gets the puck to Gawryletz, who came out of nowhere, and Gawryletz buries it. You try killing a penalty when you can't clear the puck out of your zone, then skate your ass off down to the other end and put the biscuit in the basket. He should get a freaking medal. And so should Hammond. Also, since McElhinney got an assist, Johnson thought he'd better get one too.
3rd Period (20:00)
MND-7 Justin Williams (2-Boarding) CC 2x5 10:56
CC-5 Jimmy Kilpatrick (5-Spearing) MND 1x3 12:45

CC-6 Jimmy Kilpatrick (10-Game Disqualification) (Served by Braydon Cox) 12:45
*The 'Dogs could have capitalized on this chance and taken this game from the #1 team in the nation. The 'Dogs, too, were a #1 team at one point. But try as they might (and they did get some shots on net), the 3rd period was the period of the goalies.
Overtime (5:00)

*Both goalies made game-saving grabs in this back and forth overtime. Everyone got their money's worth.
End of Game
*Let's Go 'Dogs!

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