30 January 2005

The Look of Triumph

And here it is, folks:

The beauty my eyes beheld last night.

What you don't see is Evan Schwabe's absolutely amazing goal. He worked for that one. You don't see Tim Hambly's superhuman effort, including 8 shots on goal, and one big fat goal in the first period that gave us the lead. We never trailed. Tim Stapleton had 9 shots. Jay Rosehill nearly doubled his season point total (and spend a long time in the penalty box.) Isaac made some amazing saves (and let out some big fat rebounds, but the Gophers couldn't cash in.)

What you don't see is the policewoman that stood behind me for over half the game. Or my acrobatics as I nearly fell over the rail each time there was an exciting play. Or the people sitting in front of me who thought I was insane. Or Doug Woog's bald head not 20 feet away, who could hear every word I screamed. I'm sure the whole stadium could.

But Christmas Present 2 of 2 is just as lucky as 1 of 2.
[no more picture!]
I'm glad they're back, though. Broadmoor Trophy, here we come!

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