02 November 2004

A loss! A palpable loss!

Good thing no one reads this site, or I might be concerned that I hadn't posted since last weekend. So this is sort of half-assed.

I understand that we are all hurting here. A tie and a loss to a team whose nickname has not yet been figured out (what is a Catamount?) should have us all hugging and having a group sing of Kum-By-Yah or We Shall Overcome or Pieces of Me. It should not have us yelling at the team we loved so much just a few days ago. We're out there for our guys, sink or swim, win or lose, etc. Booing your own team makes you no better than a Yankee fan.

Anyway, the team here on the bench was playing shorthanded as well, after the Alleged Webmaster (who has not mastered us a site) was given a weekend-long major and a game DQ for unsportsmanlike conduct. I'll lie and say this was why the post was late.

This post was actually late because I am just heartbroken that we could have lost this weekend. I am just heartbroken at the poor officiating that caused Jay and Neil to be thrown out of the game for checking from behind (and Neil's player turned at the last second!) while the guys they checked skated away, and then Ryan and Steve are checked from behind and are down on the ice while the Catamounts received only one penalty, a 2 min boarding penalty, for the two incidents! I am just heartbroken that our special teams could not come up with a goal on a 5 on 3 (I think Maine fans can feel my pain a bit here). I am heartbroken that someone was rude to me on the Sioux Sports forum. I am heartbroken that Ryan Potulny is the scoring leader. I am heartbroken that Derek Jeter won a Gold Glove.

Who else thought we were in it to win it when McKnight had a short-hander at 19:47 in the 2nd? Come on, come on! Let's see those hands! Where was Marco Peluso to say "Oh no you did NOT just go Bemidji State on us!"

So uh... yeah. We were unprepared. We were five starters short in the Friday game. We were full of ourselves.

WCHA Action:

Alaska Anchorage 1, Michigan Tech 5
Denver 3, Wisconsin 6
Minnesota State 2, Minnesota 9
North Dakota 3, Boston College 5
St. Cloud State 7, Princeton 2

North Dakota 3, Northeastern 3
St. Cloud State 10, Yale 0
Vermont 2, Minnesota-Duluth 2
Denver 5, Wisconsin 3
Minnesota State 2, Minnesota 3
Alaska Anchorage 5, Michigan Tech 4

USA Today
2. Minnesota-Duluth (3 first place votes)
4. Minnesota (2 first place votes? For a win over Minnesota State? Come on!)
5. Wisconsin (1 first place vote. Whatever.)
6. North Dakota
8. Colorado
10. Denver

3. UMD (3 first place votes)
4. Minnesota
5. Wisconsin
6. North Dakota
7. Colorado College
10. Denver
SCSU received a vote. Just one.

2. UMD
3. Wisconsin
4. Colorado College
6. North Dakota
7. Minnesota
10. Denver

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