27 November 2004

I Can Only Take So Much

If we do not win tonight then I refuse to go to Wisconsin next weekend. I would probably puke all over the ice, and puke bounces on ice.

I'm going to have to have a drink during tonight's game. Last night, we sounded like the old Bulldogs. The two quick goals from Steve Czech and Marco Peluso made me believe again. For a few minutes.

Evan Schwabe needs to score. Now. Immediately. He needs to step it up. This team has no leadership, no one to set the standard. I miss Lucien, Jr., and Beau. Are we going to even have one All-American? We never deserved to be ranked #1. We are going to have to earn our way to the NCAAs. It's going to be an uphill battle.

I thought about cruising down to St. Cloud tonight, but I didn't have a good enough reason. I would have settled for a tie last night. Something to build on, for crying out loud.

I'll be rockin' out on Siouxsports.com again tonight. Yeah!

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