20 October 2004

You can take that poll and stick it right where....

I forgot there were other polls.

The USCHO poll is worthless. Why is it worthless? Because UND is above UMD, and they got 15 1st place votes to our 3. B.C. is #1 on the charts for them, followed by the Sioux and the 'Dogs. Minnesota and Wisconsin are tied for 7/8, CC is 11th, and Denver is 13th. Shows how much they know.

Oh yeah, and the USA today poll is pretty sucky, too. Same top 3, with BC receiving 18 first place votes, UND receiving 14, the 'Dogs receiving 2, and Michigan receiving.. what?????? THREE????????? ARE THEY ON CRACK???????
Anyway, Wisconsin is 6, Minnesota 7, CC is 11, and Denver is 13. How unoriginal.

Anyway, they certainly will shut the puck up once the 'Dogs start kicking some major WCHA butt.

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