19 October 2004

The People I Hate Report

There are players I hate, and I like to see them do poorly. Therefore, I'll be keeping running tallies on their failures as players. Without Troy Riddle, the focus of most of my hockey hatred, and Zach Parise, who thinks he's so f-ing great, I only have two players on the list right now.

1. Ryan Potulny
Games: 3
Goals: 4
Assists: 1
Points: 5
+/-: +2
Penalties: 1
Penalty Minutes: 2
The penalty minutes is a real indicator of what a big baby Ryan is. What is he afraid of?

2. Robbie Earl
Games: 2
Goals: 1
Assists: 2
Points: 3
+/-: not available
Penalties: 1
Penalty Minutes: 2

Wimp! The Maple Leafs aren't going to be happy to see they've got a kid who's afraid of the big bad defensemen.

I might have to start hating Tom Pohl, as he is brother of Johnny Pohl, who I hated when he played for Red Wing. I'm sure there'll be more people added as the season continues.

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